What To Do When You Failed At Your New Years Resolution + The Holistic Weight Loss Program that REALLY Works

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Okay, I hate to say this but Kourtney Kardshian (cringe) although she is

my favorite, actually did something amazing ... 

She accomplished her Weight Loss New Years Resolution.  And she actually did it the right way. 

Heres How ... 


I know how devastating it can be to step on the scale only to see that the needle hasn't moved at all.  Or worse, that its moved the wrong way!   

Not being able to get the pounds off is frustrating!  When all your

clothes feels tight and unflattering, and you cant get the pounds to slip off like they used to despair begins creep in … and then it usually walks you to straight to the fridge for ice cream ;).

>> Look, the truth is traditional weight loss advice doesn't work for most of us.  Thats why I wrote this <<

This article is going to walk you through 3 PROVEN steps to fully transform your body and weight by bringing you into a state of flow, balance, detoxification and organization.



Losing weight, is as much an art as it is a science.  These principles have been used by hundreds of my clients for successful body transformations.  


And the best part is, they don't involve anything hard or challenging, there is no calorie counting or restriction and you won't even have to do 5000 burpee’s.  You only have to do 4999 …. Just kidding, there are absolutely no burpee’s required! 

Step 1) Ditch the traditional Diets and Exercise.  

They wont work, here is what will ...


Actually, I lied, they will work … just not forever, and I want you to have a forever kind of change.

Counting calories, tracking food, and deprivation tactics just aren't fun or sexy.  Although we are a society heavily involved in our phones you cant politely enter that glass of wine in your calorie tracker app while your on a hot date … or turn down a chocolate covered strawberry made just for you because it will put you over your limit (valentines day is coming).  

You need balance.  What really matters to losing weight is:

  1. The quality of calorie, 

  2. Balanced hunger hormones so that you can eat when you are hungry and easily stop when you are full

  3. Perfectly firing detox organs so that your body wont store fat

  4. And the correct type of exercise for your unique metabolism and hormones

Lets be realistic.  You can't be going to the gym for hours on end when you have a family, kids, a job and a life.  You cant be counting calories when you already have a thousand things to do for work.

>> You really don't need a diet, you need a lifestyle upgrade (possibly even a mini makeover).

Want some ideas on Holistic Weight Loss Resolutions?

You need hacks that trick your body into rapidly turing up the fat burning hormones and turning off the fat storage ones.  And this is where everyone is different.

For example:

  • If you have already have high stress levels running can actually cause you to gain weight.  

  • If you have PCOS you won't really do well with fruit and will need more fat in your diet (the right fats).  

  • If your have a weak digestive system then raw foods aren't going to help you lose weight …   

You are an individual, with a unique body and life, and you need to be treated that way.  This is why personalized diet plans, constructed by experts are far more superior to any generic diet or book that you can read. 

Step 2) Do what Madonna does, hire a coach


Okay, yes Madonna looks amazing and no, you probably cant afford her team - but a coach … yes you can treat yourself to that!

The top performers in the world whether its in sports, business, or entertainment know they cant do it alone.  They hire coaches.  Coaches motivate you, they see where you are blocking your own success, and a good ones know all the little mind tricks to get you past your own self-sabotage.  

Doing it alone doesn't work.  We currently have more gym memberships, diet books and health stores than ever before yet 80% of women still report being unhappy with their weight.  


Nutrition Coaching  is what you need to get the results you desire.  The right person will be able to see the steps you need to get you through the plateaus and encourage you in a way that makes change permanent and easy.  


With the right coach you can completely revolutionize your body and mindset with as little as three sessions.  You would need to read AT LEAST 100 books and sit through a year or more of lectures to gather all of the knowledge of a well rounded nutrition expert … (trust me Ive done it).  

Why not just skip all that hard work and have someone fast track it for you?  And heres a little secret, even nutrition coaches work with other coaches … it truly is all about the motivation, removing the blocks, and having someone help you see it from a different perspective.  Oh yea and the done for you shopping lists and meal plans help too.  

Step 3) Actually fix the REAL issue.

That extra tummy pooch or arm jiggle isn't the “problem,” its actually the symptom.

Weight gain, a lack of energy and cellulite are the the product of many things.  But they are not the real issue … 


  • poor time management, 

  • exhaustion, 

  • chaos, 

  • a messy closet, 

  • a lack of self confidence, 

  • a pantry and fridge that is overwhelming to look at, 

  • the wrong information or lack of knowledge 

  • bad sleep

  • Not enough good sex … blah blah blah 

these are the real issues.

To fully transform your body you really need to fix the root cause.  

News Flash.  Your chocolate habit and utter aversion to the gym are NOT what is causing the weight gain, they are the manifestations of something that needs to get fixed.

Did you know that Chocolate cravings are a sign of a magnesium deficiency?  See what I am getting at here … 

And this is where a coach comes in.  A good one of course.  (More on that in next weeks article).  The age old direction of “Exercise more and eat Less” is stupid, stupid advice … what you need is the HOW, and the support, and the tools, and the expertise.


Einstein said that the definition of Insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

If you have tried dieting, and you have tried exercising and it hasn't worked for you in that "forever kind of way" its time to change.  You deserve a fresh start! 

You deserve help, you deserve a guide, and you deserve the results you desire. 

Remember ...

  • Treat the root cause not the symptom

  • Find a coach or support group

  • Don’t pick a one size fits all approach, tailor your “Diet” to your own biology and body.



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Chelsea Newman is an Author, Transformational Nutrition Coach & Holistic mind, body, soul + sex health expert. Chelsea has over a decades experience in the wellness industry and is a graduate of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Her articles are frequently featured by some of the industries top experts and she has taught Holistic Nutrition for some of the top companies in the world including GNC Wellness and United Health Care.  Her company, Collaborative Health, focuses on personal transformations by combining Eastern and Western Medicine with Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science for full mind, body, spirit and soul transformations.

Chelsea has worked with hundreds of men and women from around the world to create full body and mind transformations programs and her passion lies in helping people live fully in all aspects of their lives. 

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