The Revolutionary Holistic 6-Day Detox “Challenge” Transforming Lives

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Just as a heads up this article is mostly for women, men will get a lot out of it too, but women  R E A L L Y  need to know this!

It’s about detoxing and cleansing and how to do it correctly … the holistic way. 

There is no hard and fast here, there is no extreme deprivation this is all about fully loving yourself and filling you up from the inside out. 

It is sustainable life long cleansing at its best.  



I personally learned the power of cleansing in 2010 when I was struggling with such severe health issues that I was in and out of the hospital.  Western medicine was failing me but luckily I found a path that saved my life.

I went to a naturopath and started on a 21 day whole foods cleanse. 

But honestly the physical part is not really what saved my health … the mental part was what saved me.  

You see, our bodies accumulate toxins, and our minds accumulate toxins too. When your mind is toxic your body becomes even more toxic.  It is a viscous cycle that needs to be broken.

Our bodies are massive cleansing machines, they work hard for us every single day.  They get rid of physical toxins, chemicals that accumulate, excess fats etc … and we need to help them. 

And you mustn't forget the mental toxins!   They weigh your body down more than anything. 



When I first started cleansing I walked myself through the body part quite easily.  And I felt amazing.  Like I hadn't felt ever in my life before.  I had more energy, I lost weight easily, my cellulite went away ... 

But what really changed it all for me was letting go of the mental toxins.

I'll get personal with you here.  My struggle came in the form of hormonal issues, and I had to let go of a lot of emotions that were surrounding whether or not I was beautiful enough, whether or not I was sexually appealing enough, and whether or not I deserved to be truly loved. 

And ultimately that came from the mental work. 

I had to let go of the mental blocks that were holding me back.  I had to let go of all of the self depreciating emotions that were hurting me and I really had to let go of thinking I wasn't good enough.

You see a lot of us hold a subconscious belief that we deserve to suffer … and trust me, if you are over eating, under eating, eating crap, or generally not taking care of yourself, then that belief is in there somewhere!

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Cleansing needs to be done in a Holistic way.  It needs to be done on a mind, body and soul level.  

And it needs to be about adding in just as much as you are letting go.  We are a society that is already depleted, depleted of love, depleted of juicy-ness, depleted of time.  You have to give back to yourself, you need to fill yourself up with so much light that the darkness naturally falls away.  

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Chelsea Newman is an Author, Personal Growth Coach, Transformational Nutrition Guide and Holistic Healer based in Hawaii and working globally. Her articles are frequently featured by some of the industries top experts and she has taught Holistic Nutrition for some of the top companies in the world including GNC Wellness and United Health Care. Her company, Collaborative Health, focuses on personal transformations by combining Eastern and Western Medicine with Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science for full mind, body, spirit and soul transformations. Chelsea has worked with hundreds of men and women from around the world to create full body and mind transformations programs and her passion lies in helping people live fully in all aspects of their lives. Her work and services can be found at, Links