The 5 Most Powerful Astrology Transits For Your 2017 Resolutions

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New Years is a beautiful time of transformation, renewal, creation and starting over fresh, all of which are very energetically feminine.  Yet every year we approach our New Years resolutions with a very masculine mind and from a place of push, brute force and immediacy

... which ultimately leads to failure.  

Every year an estimated 45% of us make New Years Resolutions, yet only 8% succeed ... 

This is not because we lack willpower, or drive, it is simply because   

we are approaching our New Years Resolutions in the wrong way.  

We have forgotten the ancient techniques used to create true and lasting, sustainable transformation.  

We have forgotten the divine feminine way ...  


Planning and planting change at the right time and in the right way is essential for success.  The western idea of a complete overhaul on January 1st is unrealistic, practically impossible and far too masculine. Instead you must approach your resolutions from a place of enjoyment, blossoming, and with a mind to change from the inside out. 

The "traditional" way of making New Years resolutions simply does not work for the majority of people,   unless of course you made a resolution that was something along the lines of:

- eat more chocolate

- take more naps (mine for the past four years)

- or go on vacation ... 


but this does not make us failures, it simply means we need to change the way we approach our resolutions.  



 So how do you truly create a successful New Years Resolution? 

Harness the power of the Lunar Calendar


January 1st sets you up for failure.  It is a day that is usually tainted with a lack of sleep and a fuzzy hangover (a recipe for a lack of will power).  

Using the Lunar Calendar is a far more effective and powerful way to make sure that you honor your bodies natural cycles and also use the power of the planets to support you in manifesting your transformation.  

Remember, we are all truly made of stardust and water - each of which is ruled by the planetary patterns and the waxing and waning of the moon.  When you pick the right days to start manifesting your change then you have the power of the universe on your side.

So what are the best dates for your 2017 New Years Resolutions?  

December 21st 2016 - The Winter Solstice




The Winter Solstice marks the most powerful day to go with in, to relax and to really truly get in touch with your desires for the year.    

  • Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is it that you would like to create this year?

  • What is it that you would like to let go of?

  • At the end of 2017 what would make you feel like you have had asuccessful year

  • What is it that your soul truly needs in 2017 to feel happy, whole, supported and loved?

These are powerful questions and asking them is a beautiful way to listen to your souls true desires.

December 28th 2016 - The New moon


Using the power of the New Moon to intention / goal set is extremely powerful.  Ancient civilizations, indigenous cultures and even plants have always used the power of the New Moon to manifest, grow their desires and plant seeds (both literal and figurative).  

To simplify it greatly, the New Moon means that there is the most darkness in the world, and this in turn means that there is the most space for creation.

This year the New Moon will happen on December 28th, 2016.  This is the day to sit down, pen and paper and actually start planning what it is you need to do to create your transformation.  

But!  Before you start taking anything away start adding things in.  

Most Resolutions don’t work because we come at them with an idea of deprivation.  When you take something away such as a bad habit or a type of food you leave a void.  A much better way to create change is to gently nudge out the old habits by filling the space with positive new ones.  Start by adding in a resolution is to rather than taking something away.  

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For example, if your goal is weight loss, before you even start thinking about depriving yourself of certain foods you should actually think of what you can add in to make the goal obtainable.  Sleep would be a perfect example.  

When you have enough rest it is easy to make smart food choices, your hormones balance so you naturally start losing weight, and you have more energy to exercise.  Adding in sleep before you try and remove anything is a far more effective tactic than immediately going cold turkey from the Oreos without evaluation your whole lifestyle. 


Or meditation.  Meditation increases gray matter in the brain making it easier to make healthy decisions, remain calm, see things on the brighter side of life and actually decrease physical stress.  There really is no better way to start a resolution of any kind than adding in an easy meditation practice.  

Play around with apps or guided meditations to start with.  

And an added benefit of starting this on the New Moon is that you will have the most energy.  The time from the new moon to the full is when your energy is building and the time from the full moon to the new is the time for resting and relaxing.    

The First Full Moon January 12th, 2017


The first full moon of 2017 will fall on Monday January 12th.  This is the day that you should start removing the “bad habits” or unwanted behavior.  

The full moon is very powerful because it illuminates everything.  This means that you are able to truly see what is is that you need to let go of. The full moon will support you in releasing anything that no longer serves you.  

This could be anything from limiting beliefs, to addictions, negative behaviors or unnecessary time sucks.  

When the moon is full you will usually find yourself very energized and awake.   It is a perfect time to sit quietly and really dig into all of the aspects of the behaviors, people, or patterns that you would like to let go of, and if you have been adding in supportive behavior since the New Moon, you should find it very easy to start letting go of the bad behavior.  


Spring Equinox, Monday March 20th 2017



The Spring Equinox signifies rebirth.

Change takes time.  The perfect amount of time to actively stay with your resolution is until the Spring Solstice.  This year it will fall on Monday March 20th 2017.  

Going through a whole entire season focused on what you want to create and harvest in the spring is the magic way to blossom into a new you. This gives you enough time to really fall in love with the positive changes you have made, and enough time to forget the old not so stellar ones.  

This also means that your resolution will have sunk in on a biological level.  You will have created new cells, you will have created new neuro-pathways, and you will have created new thoughts making your change permanent.  

A simple way to do this is to keep checking in with yourself on the new and full moon.  Carve out ritualistic time on these dates to check in with yourself and see what you can add it and what you can let go of.  

My favorite app for this is Moon Phase.  

Moon journaling is a beautiful practice that really allows you to get to know yourself.  


Remember, we are all made of star dust and we are ruled by the planets, so learn to harness and use this power to create the life you desire. 




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Chelsea Newman is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Food Relationship Expert based in Hawaii and working globally.  Her work is a combination of her passion for holistic healing, east meets west, and modern meets ancient.  Chelsea is frequently featured by some of the Industries top Nutrition experts and she has taught nutrition for some of the top companies and spas in the world such as GNC, American Savings Bank and United Health Care.  Chelsea specializes in the psychology of transformation and has worked with hundreds of men and women from around the world to forever change their relationship with food and their bodies.

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