The 29 Best New Years Resolutions – Make this your healthiest year ever

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Okay, 2016 was a bit rough.  The world seemed a little lost, a little scary, a little down and we ended up with an orange president ....  

It may not have gone exactly to plan.  

But I have good news.  2017 is going to be MUCH better! 



Generally this past year felt like life was happening to us, rather than for us.  A lot of what has happen was beyond our control.  

But 2017 offers an opportunity for that all to change.  It is even says it in the stars …  

This year is about radical self sufficiency and shaping the life that we want, rather than letting life shape us.  This year is all about taking life in the direction we want it to go, and it offers us the opportunity to prosper from all of the tough lessons that we have all learned in 2016.  

2017 is really a year to take charge!

Below is a list  the top 29 healthiest and MOST powerful practices to completely upgrade your life.  These practices are simple, quick, easy to implement, and HIGHLY impactful.  They also include some of the best technologies to make sure these resolution stick. 

Want to get organized?  Download the checklist

It includes step by step instructions on how to incorporate these powerful changes into your life.  Make 2017 the year you dream it to be!

# 1) Get Blue Light Blockers. 



It is unrealistic to think that you are not going to look at technology after the sun goes down; however, the bright lights from cellphones, tablets and computers really mess with your biology and melatonin production.  Every time you look at them they make your body think the sun has just come up.  A simple way around this is purchasing blue light blockers or downloading a light blocker app.  F.Lux is my favorite  You can also purchase physical films, just gogle them. 

# 2) Stop checking your social media & email when you wake up. 

Do not, I repeat, Do NOT! wake up to other people agendas.  Checking your email first thing in the morning is a sure fire way for mental failure. 

When you wake up to other peoples needs you have set your day up for failure.  Ask any successful entrepreneur and this will give you this tip.  When you wake up (or the night before) make a list of your top three priorities.  When you have decided what these are actually schedule them into your day, and then you may check your email.  And do not check social media!  Unfortunately these days our Facebook feeds and Instagram’s have become a giant way for us to compare ourselves to others.  It is not a healthy way to start your day.  Your morning is yours, make it work for you not against you. 

# 3) Drink 16 oz of water every morning first thing.


Pooping every single morning is so so important, and the best way to ensure that you do that is to drink 16oz of water immediately when you wake up.  

Overnight your body has been focusing on detoxing and getting rid of waste and the best way you can help it is by ensuring that you get rid of all that crap in the morning.  Drinking 16oz of water will almost always send you straight to the toilette. Take a large mason jar and leave it uncovered next to your bed so that the chlorine has some time to evaporate.  Before you even put your feet on the floor drink this water.  You will be amazed at the changes you see in your bowel movements, your skin, and even your weight from this one little upgrade! 

# 4) Purchase or make a Squatty Potty. 


Quite simply we are not meant to sit on the toilette like we do today. 

We were meant to squat.  Making sure that you get EVERYTHING out is so important.  A squatty potty is just a little tool that you put at the base of your toilette to lift your legs up and put you in more of a squat position.  This allows everything to come out smoother and with less strain, (no hemorrhoids for 2017 sounds great doest it)!  And don't worry, they are becoming all the rage now so your toilette will fit right in.  

# 5) Create a adult bed time. 


Create a time that you go to bed.  Now it can change, you are after all an adult, but having a general time that you are in bed is huge for your health. 

Set two alarms on your phone; make one 30 minutes before you need to start getting ready for bed and the other for the time you start heading upstairs.  Bonus points if you create a SEXY night time ritual!  Rub some lotion onto your body, slip into a night gown, light a candle, read a book, brush your hair for a long time … do whatever it is that makes you feel sexy before  you slip under the sheets.  Remember, your whole next day truly starts the night before.  Waking up rested and feeling clean and bright is a sure fire way to concur the next day.  

# 6) Drinking hot lemon water in the morning.


Lemon water will stimulate your pancreatic juices to start flowing, and it will also help cleanse out any excess mucous while bringing the body into a more alkaline state.  Plus it is packed with vitamin C.  Adding cayenne pepper or a dash of cinnamon is a great way to spice things up and to help balance your blood sugar first thing in the morning.  

# 7) Upgrade your oral hygiene with a tongue scraper. 


This is an old Ayurvedic trick that not only helps with oral hygiene, it also allows you to see what is going on in your body.  Your tongue holds a lot of secrets about your health, in particular how much yeast is accumulating in your system.  When you start to scrape your tongue in the morning you will begin to notice what is normal for you, and what isn’t, and you will be able to see which foods are working for you and which ones may be causing stagnation in the body.

# 8) Dry brush before you shower. 


It seems like it doesn't do much but this ancient beauty ritual is incredibly powerful.  It serves to remove dead skin cells, get rid of cellulite and move the lymphatic fluid which helps you detox and also become happier. 

It is thought that the lymphatic fluid holds a lot of your stuck emotions and getting them moving out of the body is a powerful way to stay healthy on a mind, body and spirit level.  Keep the dry brush in the shower and every morning start by making small circles toward your heart to move the fluid.  Don't press to hard as the lymphatic fluid is quite superficial and going to deep will actually stop the flow.

# 9) Remove toxic chemicals from your beauty / body routine. 


Yes men this applies to you too!  Think of your shave cream … nothing is meant to foam like that!  And for women it is even scarier. 

It has been said that the average woman swallows up to 9 lbs of lipstick in her life and did you know your lipstick contains led? Or that your mascara contains tar, and you actually absorb more chlorine from a shower than drinking a glass of chlorinated water! 

Switching to organic, paraben free beauty products is an essential step at detoxing your life, and adding a water filter isn't a bad idea either!  Your skin and your body are a giant sponge for toxins in the environment.  Removing what you can is a powerful, powerful step to up leveling your health.

Check out these two websites for some great product options. 

# 10) Do a mini cleanse. 


One of the easiest ways to cleanse is a mono diet (same thing morning, noon and night for three days).  Kitachari is a good way to do this.  Kitcahree is a very easily assimilated dish from India that is a complete protein source, and the spices included make it very cleansing for the body.  There are many different recipes you can find online.  

# 11) Start your day off with a cold shower. 


 If you are living in the north east or mid west during winter this isn't the nicest suggestion, but if you are somewhere warm and can make this adjustment it is huge. 

Actually a cold water plunge is the best.  Not only will you feel fabulous and awake but it will help your body to detox in the morning and there is also some evidence that it stimulates cognitive function.  Tony Robins does it every day, and while I don't think many of us have a desire to have as much energy as him, a little bit couldn't hurt.  

# 12) Do a quick body scan before you get out of bed. 


Checking in with yourself before your feet hit the floor is powerful.  We often go through our day, and our life, picking up on other peoples energy.  Every morning before you get out of bed do a quick body scan and see how you are feeling.  Ask yourself some questions.  “Hey knees how are you?” or make it a little more personal, “Hi heart, how are you feeling today?”  You might be surprised at what your body and soul have to tell you.

# 13) Add vegetables to your breakfast. 



Easy peasy 😉 pun intended.  Breakfast is actually the easiest meal to control.  We tend to be in our house, with our groceries (unless you have had a naughty night out, and in that case someone better be buying you breakfast anyway).  In the morning we are more clear minded because we haven't started our hectic day yet.  So breakfast is a PERFECT time to get some veggies. 

A green stir fry with an egg, or an avocado and spinach in your smoothie are wonderful examples.  A portobello mushroom baked with an egg in it is another … all of these are practically timeless and the perfect way to start your day.  

# 14) Create a meditation practice.  


Meditation is merely about shutting down the multiple programs that are running through your brain at any given time.  Think of it as closing down all of the browsers on your computer, or clearing out your inbox so you can deal with one thing at a time. 

Meditation strengthens your cognitive function, coping mechanisms, and increases the grey matter in your brain.  Einstein was known to have the most grey matter that we have ever seen, which really just meant his right and left side of his brain could communicate better than most peoples.  Imagine how much having a little Einstein brain power could help you in 2017!   

Want the best meditation apps of 2016?

Think you cant meditate?  No problem, let technology do it for you.  Binaural beets are an amazing way to relax the mind and body.  Download an app or just youtube them.  You have to listen with headphones but they work to balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain to get you into a deep state of relaxation. 

Check out this signature meditation 

# 15) Add spices everywhere you can. 


Spices and herbs are healing.  Think about adding them in whenever you can. 

  • Cilantro to your eggs

  • Cinnamon on your latte or your almond butter toast

  • Turmeric to your stirfry's 

  • Cloves to your curries  

… the possibilities are endless!  Get creative with it.  

# 16) Implement intermittent fasting. 


Fasting has been shown to be incredibly beneficial for the body and mind.  You can choose to implement this practice for one or two days a week, or you can just do an extended night fast.  All you have to do is space out your breakfast and dinner 12-14 hours apart.  This will allow your body to actually start detoxing.  You can also just have juice or smoothie days.  

# 17) Start taking supplements. 



Food first of course, but at this point we could all do with a little help.  Our soil is depleted, our lives are stressful and we generally don't get all of the things that we need.  And since you already started drinking 16oz of water in the morning one of the easiest things to do would be to swallow some pills with it.  Now be discerning with the company you buy from.  There is no need to go overboard.  A multivitamin/mineral, and an omega three are a great place to start.  This is a great company and two products that I trust very much. 

If you would like a more personalized prescription why don’t you take advantage of an online nutrition coaching session.   

# 18) Turn your phone on airplane mode while you sleep. 


EMF’s from phones and laptops are a relatively new thing and we really don’t know what they are doing to our body.  There is however, increasing evidence that EMF’s are messing with our fertility, our hormones, and our sleep and many experts agree that working to reduce the amount of exposure to EMF’s is a smart step to be taking.  One very simple way to do this is to make sure that your phone is turned to airplane mode at night. 

Interested in some more information, this site has some great information on EMF’s Remove Electronics from your bedroom

# 19) Bring plants to your house to improve air quality. 


A lavender plant next to the bed, or an aloe plant are two very good options.  They are easy to keep and greatly improve mood and air quality.  You can get creative and bring many plants in to the house. 


# 20) Walk 30 minutes a day. 


Your body desperately wants to, and was meant to move.  Walking 30 minutes a day does wonders for the spine, the digestive system, your mood and your health. 

You can even double dip if you are a bit of a multi-tasker and start listening to a podcast as you walk or learning a language.  Just getting fresh air 30 minutes a day will drastically improve the quality of your life. 

# 21) Make reading time. 


Even if it is just one or two paragraphs try to read something every day.  It could even be in the form of a daily email or just a motivational book.  Your mind wants to grow and expand and often times when you are reaching for that cookie or chocolate you are actually craving mental stimulation.  Make a list of books or topics that you would like to explore in 2017.  

# 22) Do a pantry raid. 


Just get all the crap out of the house.  It has no place and its doing nothing but tormenting you.  If it has ingredients that you cant pronounce, or if its first five ingredients are sugar then kick it to the curb.  You don’t need it in your life.  Its so 2016!!  Anything ending in “ol” or “ose” pretty much tends to be a sugar.  And 4g of sugar = 1 tsp (and don’t forget to multiply it by the serving per container).  

Want to watch a movie that will rock your world and motivate you to give up sugar here you go. 

# 23) Create a gratitude practice. 

You can do this a number of ways.  One way is to write down one thing you are grateful for every single day and put it into a large mason jar.  At the end of the year you get to go back through and see all of the things that were beautiful that happened to you this year.  You can also just mentally say three things you are grateful for every night before you go to bed. 

Being grateful, especially for the small things, changes the way that you see this world.  It reframes everything and has the power to transform your whole life.  If you could do one thing this year then this is the one!  

# 24) Create an “In this lifetime list.” 


The word bucket list has never sounded nice to me.  Instead an "in this life time" list has really appealed. 

Write down 100 things that you want to do, see, feel or accomplish in this lifetime and put some down that you want to happen this year.  Make sure that it is 100 things.  It might take you a while to put this all together but it is so worth it. 

Not only does this practice help you to get to know yourself it creates a way for you to understand how to design a life that you want rather than letting a life that you don't happen to you.  

# 25) Make goals. 


Goals are magnets.  They are ports for your boat of life and lighthouses to guide your way.  Sure sometimes it is fun to get a little of course and go adrift, but sailing around with no direction really isn't safe.  Goals are not something to be afraid of, they are ways for you to create life rather than it creating you.  Life is something you make, it is not something that happens to you.  

# 26) Check in with your goals every two weeks (roughly). 

Okay, I have a trick for you.  New Moon and Full Moon journaling / check ins.  Realistically none of us have time to journal every day.  But on the New Moon and Full Moon, I bet you can do it.  Download an app that reminds you when this time is occurring (my favorite is moon phase) and carve out 5 minutes on these days to check in with yourself.  The New Moon is about what you want to manifest and the full moon is about what you want to let go of.


# 27) Learn. 


Not growing is the quickest way to start dying.  Learning is stimulating it is fun and it keeps you growing and alive and with todays amazing technologies it doesn’t have to be tedious or boring.  In fact it can be one of the most fun things in the world!  Start listening to pod casts, or take an online course. 

There are so many options out there now it is crazy.  You can even combine your learning with your walking or your drive to work.  There is no reason for you to be flipping through fuzzy radio stations filled with commercials and terrible music on your commute to work.  Instead make it an enrichment time. 

Or if you travel a lot for work, capitalize on this time.  Start listening to E-books, or learning that language that you have always wanted for that trip you cant wait to take.

# 28) Implement the 5 minute rule. 


Is your inbox overflowing?  Is your desk cluttered with junk mail?  Okay, we all get a little behind on the things that we are supposed to do.  Implementing the 5 minute rule means that if you touch it and you can get it done in the next five minuets, you have to do it.  Ex. you got your mail, instead of putting it down on the counted to be dealt with later.

# 29) Add nutrients everywhere. 


Think of nutrient density rather than calories.  Calories don’t really matter (your body is very bad at math) what truly matters is quality!  Your body is very good at working out what is crap verses what isn’t.  The simplest rule to follow is “If it doesn't rot don’t eat it,” and “If mother nature didn't make it don’t eat it.”  

If you want to take it a step further, Food Scores is an amazing app that you can download that will tell you the quality of your food on a scale of green to red, all you have to do is scan the barcode.  

Oh yeah and a bonus ... 

#30) Love yourself. 


Remove those negative, self depreciating thoughts.  They have no place in your mind or in your life. 

You are better than that and you are better than those.  If you catch yourself in a negative feedback loop, sit down and write down two positive things for every negative thought that is running through your mind.  

You have got this.

2017 is all yours baby!



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