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Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements

Are Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements Beneficial?

Natural anti inflammatory supplements are designed to provide relief from pain in specific areas of the body and inflammation without using the traditional pain relief drugs that have some serious adverse effects. Chronic inflammation can cause serious health issues like autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, and other immune system related disorders like psoriasis. Although anti inflammatory medications have proven to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of these illnesses, these drugs also tend to cause serious problems.

Using anti inflammatory and pain drugs in the long term to treat inflammation and get relief from pain can result in side effects like ulcers, kidney or liver damage and stomach pain. Natural anti inflammatory supplements and foods are better options for treating inflammation and pain effectively. There are numerous natural anti inflammatory supplements available with many amazing benefits. This post answers the question; are natural anti inflammatory supplements beneficial?

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a natural supplement with a high measure of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids typically decrease the production of pro-inflammatory biochemical in the body including the ones targeted by the majority of NSAIDs. It also helps reduce the levels of inflammatory interleukins in the body, specifically interleukin one which is responsible for chronic inflammation. Studies have found that people who have rheumatoid arthritis and took fish oil an extended period successfully reduced their intake of anti inflammatory medication. They reported less stiffness and pain as well. Fish oil also offers a synergistic effect as aspirin. It inhibits the synthesis of the highly inflammatory leukotriene B4 and thromboxane A2.


Turmeric is another very good natural anti inflammatory alternative. Turmeric is effective because it is an excellent source of curcumin (a natural pigment designed to helps block inflammation). Several studies have indicated that taking turmeric supplements helps to reduce the need to take anti-inflammatory medication. The side-effects of taking natural supplements are serious if any exist.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is a coenzyme with lots of talents. It helps to boost anti inflammatory and antioxidant protection. The acid is fat and water-soluble and can regenerate other essential antioxidants like glutathione, vitamins C, and E. Alpha lipoic acid offers anti inflammatory protection in the blood vessels and fatty tissues of the human brain as well as nerves. It is a must use for the r anyone with diabetes, or neuropathy, because it improves blood flow in the nerves and glucose metabolism.

Final Words

Other anti inflammatory alternatives are prepared with natural anti inflammatory herbs including ginger root extract, devil's claw, and bromelain. Certain essential acids have been found to be very helpful in treating inflammation as well. These fatty acids can be found in halibut, dark green vegetables, salmon, flaxseed oil, canola oil and rainbow trout.

As mentioned earlier, studies have shown that natural anti inflammatory alternatives, when compared to the synthetic options, don't affect the intestines, accelerate cartilage destruction, or produce kidney and liver toxicity. Thus anti inflammatory alternatives are considered to be better options to natural anti inflammatory drugs. Anti inflammatory supplements are often considered the best pain and anti inflammatory treatment options.


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