The Truth About Cows Milk

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 Cows milk is a controversial topic and although it seems that almonds are now replacing our fuzzy little cow friends the question still remains,Were we actually meant to consume cows milk?

Or did mother nature intend for high powered machines to turn coconuts and soy beans into creamy water that is called milk instead?  

It can all get quite confusing, especially with all of the conflicting information out there! So I am here to clarify this controversial topic for you.

First of all, is cows milk really bad for you?

It is true that we are the only mammals on the earth that consume another animals milk (which I think we can all agree is quite strange).  But “Bad” and “Good” can be subjective, so let me give you the truth and you can decide for yourself.

What does cows milk have in it?

Cows milk contains tons of beneficial vitamins, fats, protein, and sugar for energy and storing fat. 

Cows milk is designed (just as human milk is) to be a superfood.  It is also designed (not quite like humans milk is) to take a tiny baby cow and turn it into a 1200 pound animal.

It does this through tons of fat, and sugar, and a highly addictive protein called Casein.  This protein is designed to be addictive because you want your baby to keep coming back for more so that it can grow up big and strong.  Casein also has a dopamine effect, meaning it makes you happy and calms you down.  This is why warm milk, used to put babies to sleep, is so effective.

How high are you getting from cows milk? 

The thing is, Casein from cows milk, is a little more potent than the protein in human milk.  

Look at it this way, a momma cow needs stronger drugs to put her babies down than a human - its really just a size thing.  That is why it can seem so daunting to give up the cheese.  It isn't your fault - you are physically addicted!    

So yes, cows milk has some good stuff in it (for cows), and it is kind of a happy drug 

but ...

How does this translate to humans, and do we get it in cow form or does it come to us a little different?

What does pasteurized REALLY mean ...

In the United States we do this thing called pasteurization.  Pasteurization is basically heating the milk to a really high temperature to kill the bacteria.  The problem is that heating vitamins and minerals destroys them.  

So what you are you left with if you have killed the vitamins and minerals? Fat, and Sugar … hmm - sounds kind of like candy right?  That is correct.  The cows milk that we get in the stores reacts more like a highly addictive, fattening candy than the superfood that comes straight from the cow. 

So cows milk from a cow, and cows milk from the store, are two entirely different things.

Does cows milk really make your bones stronger?


Let me give you a fun fact here.  America consumes more dairy products than anywhere else in the world, yet we have one of the highest rates of Osteoporosis - a medical disease where the bones become fragile, typically due to a lack of vitamin D or calcium.

So how can this be?  Milk is highly acidic, that is why milk products work so well for facials and skin care (think a lactic acid peel).  But when your body becomes highly acidic it needs to counteract this and bring it back into a more alkaline state.  The body does this by brining calcium (a mineral) into the blood stream, and guess where it gets this calcium, your bones.    

So milk straight from a cow might be okay for your bones because it has calcium and vitamin D in it, but because we have pasteurized the milk we have destroyed those beneficial ingredients and our bodies try to compensate for it.  

Is cows milk making you MOO-DY ... Lets talk hormones?

A cows milk is filled with pregnancy hormones, which are strong because the cow is MASSIVE.  In addition to that the typical dairy cow is pumped full of antibiotics and extra hormones to keep them lactating at an extremely high level.  So when you consume the pasteurized milk (sugar + fat + water) you are also getting a dose of cow hormones.  This is not ideal, it can wreak havoc on your own hormones, cause you to gain weight and definitely make you MOO-dy !!! 😉


If you are trying to gain weight cows milk may be good for you.  If you are trying to loose weight you want to avoid cows milk. 

If you want your skin to glow, apply milk products TOPICALLY, such as yogurt or take a milk bath.  The sugars will eat away at all the dead skin and the lactic acid is beneficial for dry skin conditions.  The same theory does not apply for skin when eaten internally. 

If you want to balance your hormones, cut the milk out entirely!  It will work wonders.  21- 28 days is the “cleansing period” and I bet you will see such significant changes you wont ever want to go back! 

Lastly, if you want to sedate yourself before bed, warm milk will work well.  But, if you want to wake up with strong bones, milk wont help you at all!  Instead get your calcium from lightly cooked dark green leafy vegetables

such as silver beat, kale, swiss chard or broccoli, and get your vitamin D from a little bit of morning sunlight.  

Morning sunlight is the most healing for the body, mind and soul.

PS.  Did you spot the cow with the funny face!  

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