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Dr. Fat Loss is a weight loss program that has made a name for itself thanks to a fulfilled promise of losing 25 to 40 pounds for each client who uses the program.

Thanks to a body composition test that lets the weight loss specialists know specifically about your body, Dr. Fat Loss is able to craft a unique dietary plan specifically to you. This is designed to get you away from fatty, prepackaged foods and into a cleaner lifestyle. You will see changes not only to your weight, but to your energy levels and the way you sleep, too.

What testimonials are there about the Dr. Fat Loss Clinic?

With all of the lives that the Dr. Fat Loss clinics have touched and affected through their programs, there are more than a few testimonials out there that will speak about the individual user’s experiences in the Dr. Fat Loss program.

Through the Facebook page for Dr. Fat Loss, there have been many testimonials left, such as the following:

“My experience with Dr. Ferdico and his team was so amazing that I brought my parents to join the journey with me. Everyone is friendly, personable, accommodating - it’s like you walk in unsure of if you’re going to join the program or not, but you’re already family as far as they’re concerned. I’ve lost 30lbs in 45 days, maintained it for a few months and now plan to lose another 30 with his help. My parents have lost 13 and 20 in 20 days so far! Dr. Ferdico is truly exceptional, down-to-earth and the program really makes you feel amazing. It works and it is life-changing!”

There is also this one from Alex Flores:

“I came in originally about 6 months ago weighing 242 lbs and now I weigh 186 lbs. I’ve lost a total of 56lbs and kept it off 6 months after I did the Dr Fat Loss program.When I used to go up the stairs I was always to be tried. I was always tired in general. Now I have tons of energy and I have the energy exercise daily.
Before the program my doctor said that I had prediabetes and I had high blood pressure. Now after the 60 day program, my doctor has given me a clean bill ofhealth. I now have normal blood pressure and no longer have prediabetes. My doctor was amazed. He even said “Dr Fat Loss saved your life.”
My metabolism is now working much faster and my body burns fat now rather than storing it.

People can’t believe what I look like now!

Everything at the office was great. They welcomed me home. There is no waiting, I was seen almost immediately every time. The staff is very friendly. I recommend this program to everyone who is need of losing weight or on the verge of health issues like diabetes.

Dr Fat Loss is always there for me and was very instrumental in assisting me in the process. He is very professional and cares about his patients.”

Dr Fat Loss
1736 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11228

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