Hormone Balance / PCOS program


Throughout the course of my program, Chelsea helped me understand what was triggering my symptoms from a personal and nutritional stand point. She guided me through a process that enlightened me to my own personal relationship with food and how I needed to incorporate food as a way to love myself. Over time, I learned what foods triggered my issues and what diet works best for me and my body.  Chelsea helped me find all the answers I was looking for and then some.
I would like to express my biggest gratitude to Chelsea. I found her on yelp while I was in the hospital. I had a bad case go PMS which was causing me to go to the ER almost every month. I had this for over 15 years and I was led to believe by doctors it was normal and there was nothing they can do. I did few sessions with Chelsea over Skype, and her approach was very personalized and fit to my schedule. With her help, it is the first time in my life that I am out of this prison of pain I was subjected every month. I feel great and pain-free.   Yoana, Honolulu HI .
Thankfully I was able to find my way out of this through nutritional cleansing, understanding my body and holistically healing my hormones.
Ever since this time in my life I have voraciously studied hormonal issues in women.  It goes much deeper than just nutrition - you truly have to look at the mind-body connection.

This program is one that is near and dear to my heart. Hormone issues are what drove me into the holistic nutrition field.  At 19 years old I experienced such extreme symptoms of PCOS that I was in and out of the hospital with debilitating pain.

I will never forget how lost I felt with Dr’s trying to prescribe me medications, telling me I would never have children, and threatening me with surgery.

Every woman is different in this regard, and every program needs to be customized. 

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