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Addiction Php Agoura Hills

You don’t have to check in to a residential rehab to find lasting recovery from addiction; Foy Wellness & Recovery can offer addiction PHP in Agoura Hills. Our Partial Hospitalization Program is a more flexible option for clients with busy lifestyles. Our recovery specialists know that structure and support are essential to the success of any recovery program; a customized treatment plan awaits you when you’re ready to leave addiction behind you for good.

3 Reasons to Choose a PHP Program

1. You won’t have to quit your job, leave school, or abandon responsibilities in your home to get help for an addiction when you choose our PHP at Foy Wellness & Recovery. We’ll work around your life at home, creating a personalized treatment plan based on the care level you need to recover from addiction. The first step is easy- make a phone call to our admissions team to set up a tour of our treatment center and an assessment to determine your recovery needs; reach our Ahills addiction IOP and PHP at 805-558-0839.

2. An overnight stay in rehab is not for everyone. If you feel apprehensive about committing to an inpatient program, PHP or IOP could be a better option for you. Get in touch with our staff at Foy Wellness & Recovery to explore all of your treatment options, then take the next step by starting your recovery efforts in one of our programs. PHP can keep you on track while you heal from addiction and reclaim your life. You’ll find more information in our website’s blog and in our ‘Programs’ section.

3. At Foy Wellness & Recovery, we often hear reports of ‘wasted’ time spent in other rehabs. We make every minute count in PHP and IOP; you might spend less time in treatment, but you won’t look back on your time at Foy Wellness and Recovery with any regrets. IOP treatment in Agoura Hills is proven effective in treating addiction and mental health disorders; call today- 805-558-0839.

Rated One of the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Agoura Hills

Foy Wellness & Recovery is more than an addiction rehab; we take a holistic approach to healing that only a handful of rehabs are engaged in. Recovery may look very different to you compared with another patient; review our list of therapy options on our site, which includes:

  • Energy Healing
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Music Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Vitamin/Mineral/Herb Supplement Therapy
  • Expressive Arts
  • Massage
  • Sound Healing
  • Yoga

It’s Time to Make Time For You Contact Our Agoura Hills Rehab

Covid has made this past year a difficult time for everyone; you deserve some time to work on yourself, heal from addiction, and emerge stronger from your efforts. Foy Wellness & Recovery will walk with you through every phase of recovery while you find your path to sobriety and mental health. Outpatient treatment for mental health and addiction is affordable and accessible.

Start today- make a phone call that will change your life forever. Addiction counselors are ready to take your call right now, day or night. You’ll never regret getting help for an addiction to alcohol or drugs- call our addiction PHP in Agoura Hills now at 805-558-0839.

Addiction Php Agoura Hills
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Addiction Php Agoura Hills
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