7 Steps to Healing a Frightening Hangover This Halloween

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Although you may not been dressed as one last night, we all know that we aren't perfect angels.

Halloween was created for children ... but adults have done a really great job of claiming this holiday for themselves.  Any excuse to dress up right?

And of course ... drink.

Halloween is a time of alter egos, fun, scary, sexy costumes ... and of course something very frightening

Hangovers …

So this year as my treat to you I decided to give you 7 steps for Healing the dreaded hangover using Holistic Nutrition - and no, that doesn't mean a Kale Salad, because we all know thats the last thing you want when your head is pounding, you have the taste of toilette bowl in your mouth and you generally just think you might be dying.

Here are my top 7 Tips for detoxing alcohol and scaring that hangover away.

​1) Get rest.

Sounds basic right but there are two schools of thought here.  Sweating it out is great later in the day, but for now try and sleep in.  I know it might be impossible if the kids have tucked into their candy stash and are on a sugar high, but as long as the knives are tucked away somewhere safe they should be good for a few hours  right?

Your body went through a lot last night let it chill.  If you have trouble sleeping with a hangover it is due to sugar imbalance.  To counteract that try and take magnesium, potassium and eat some high protein high fat foods.

​2) If you have to have coffee put butter or ghee in it.

Sounds crazy, I know.  But coffee really dehydrates you.  You can counteract this negative aspect by putting butter or ghee into it to get the healthy dose of the fats you need after a heavy night of drinking.  Put about a tablespoon in per cup and blend … you can add coconut oil for extra points;  blending it makes it really like a delicious latte. If you are lactose intolerant ghee is still okay to use.

3) Take some quality probiotics.

Alcohol sugars not only feed the unhealthy bacteria in your gut they destroy the good guys.  Load up on the probiotics the morning after, it will be way better than Tums.  Make sure you splurge a little on probiotics.  There are some really bad ones out there that don't do much.

This is a brand that I really like and trust


4) Eat a meal high in HEALTHY fats.

When you are hungover Ronald McDonald is calls your name for a reason.

Fat wraps up toxins and stops them from wreaking havoc in the body.  Pick a nice fatty breakfast like a salmon omelet with avocado, or a stir fry of greens cooked in coconut oil drizzled with a healthy amount of lemon and olive oil, these kinds of food will not only help you detox they will be anti-inflammatory, acting kind of like a Tylenol in the body.

While you are at it eat clean all day.  You did enough damage last night, give your body a break. Think of this, if mother nature didn't make it don't eat it (yes that means the halloween candy is out), and ask yourself

“How alive is it?”… were crackers ever alive ... no they were not, was an apple, yes ;).

5) Take your vitamins, just not on an empty stomach.

Your stomach is a little raw after drinking all night so put a nice little buffer in-between it and your vitamins.  Vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s are a must after a heavy night of drinking.  They will help you detox and bring down the inflammation alcohol causes. Turmeric and other spices will also help.  Ever wonder why there are so many curry shops in the UK ... yep it probably has something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol being consumed by the brits.

6) Take activated charcoal before and after drinking.

Activated Charcoal is what is given in hospital when patients have been exposed to toxins, which you have been after a hanging out with Jack Daniels or Vodka all night.  Activated Charcoal is a very cheap supplement and can be purchased at any health food store.  You can also take this daily for up to a month if you are trying to detox.  One of my favorite brands combines coconut charcoal as well to bind to alcohol toxins and pull them from the body, https://bi198.isrefer.com/go/charcoal/chelseaglenn12/

7) Drink sparkling water.

Get a little classy and drink some sparkling water like the classy lady you are (but probably weren't last night).  Perrier and San Pellegrino are the best.  Sparkling water will help settle the bubble guts, and the sulfur present will help you detox! Try to avoid distilled water, this water has very little nutrients and trace minerals which you desperately need when you have a hangover.  If you don't like sparkling water go of fresh spring water.

When we really get down to it I think that Halloween might be the scariest holiday of the year. Its all about poison.  Alcohol and Sugar.

But remember life is all about balance, we can get a little extreme at times, so just don't forget to give your body a little extra TLC.  It deserves it!