3 Ridiculously EASY Ways to Lose 10lbs, With Just Your Mind.

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If you want to lose weight you don't need to start with willpower or deprivation, you need to start with your thoughts.

 Yes, it truly is that easy ...

The mind is an incredibly powerful thing, not only does it create our reality it also dictates what our cells do.  When you can control your thoughts, not only does avoiding that chocolate cake become a piece of pie, you can actually stimulate your body to go into fat burning mode.   

Yes you read that right, your mind can control your cells and you have the ability to tell your body what you want it to do.  It is science.  

Ordinary Minds Doing Extraordinary Things 

Have you ever heard of this man? Wim Hof.  He is an extraordinary example of what a human can do by harnessing the power of the mind.   


So am I telling you to go jump in an ice cold lake, no (although a cold shower in the morning followed by sunlight actually increases the magnetic energy with in your cells and stimulates rapid fat loss).  

What I am telling you is that you have the power to have the body and the weight that you desire by simply following these 3 easy steps to control your mind ...

The Power of Placebo 


The most tested and successful drug in the world is placebo.  Placebo meaning the idea of something, rather than a physical manifestation of anything.  

In almost every study done around the world scientists use placebo as the control group, and the crazy thing is that placebo works better than anything else they have ever made in a lab.  

Actually placebo has been documented to work up to 40% of the time.  

That means that your mind is more powerful than any magic weight loss pill, any herb, any extract or protocol.  It means that you can literally create weight loss, vibrant energy, glowing skin, toned muscles … with mind power. 

This may sound spiritual or esoteric but it is purely based in factual scientific evidence.  Mindfulness, and brain power has the ability to change hormonal patterns, stimulate your body to release excess weight,  create deep restorative sleep which stimulates weight loss and build positive neuro-pathways which strengthen will power.  

So how do you use the magic power of your mind to stimulate fat loss and have the body and health of your dreams?  Just use these three tricks ... 

1) Picture and feel what your desired results


Your body and mind do not communicate through language, they communicate through images and feelings.  If your goal is weight loss or to get toned then you must visualize every morning and night what your body looks like and feels like at your ideal weight or shape.  Do not picture someone else, picture you.  Do not compare your body now to what you want it to be, just imagine that it currently is looking and feeling how you desire.

Embody this image, and you will start to see the shifts in the mirror.  This imagery will also allow your behavior to start to match that body.  You will start to actually become that healthy body and lose the weight that no longer serves you.  

It sounds woo woo, but I promise it works.    

2) Practice positive mental reinforcement  


Every time you don't over eat, every time you chew your food properly (26 times), every time you are mindful with your food, mentally reward yourself. 

There was a study done a few years back that fascinated me and changed my terrible habit of losing things.  People who gave themselves a mental pat on the back for finding things like their keys, stopped loosing things quicker than people who were negative about loosing things. 

The inner dialog should go like this:

"Good job you found your keys so quickly"

vs ...

"Your such an idiot you always lose your keys!"

And when it comes to food it will go like this: when you don't reach for that piece of chocolate mentally tell yourself how proud you are of yourself. 

You can even take it one step further and start a reward jar.  Put $5 in the jar for every time that you don't reach for that cookie or pull into that drive through ... not eating McDonalds could literally fly you to Bali ... and bonus points you will look so Hot in that bikini!  

3) Tell yourself that it is going to be easy 


Has weight loss been hard for you in the past?  Do you always gain the weight back?  These are the stories that we tell ourselves and these are the realities we create.  Reframe this.  Create your new "body story" and use it as a daily affirmation.

  • Weight loss is easy for me

  • My body wants to loose this weight 

  • My weight loss is easily sustainable and there is no reason for it to come back

If you believe you can not lose weight, then you truly cant.  But I promise you, that is all just in your mind ... 


 The power of the mind is an unbelievable thing.  Your conscious and subconscious thoughts create the environment you live in, the universe you see and the body you inhabit.  

You get the choice every day of weather you use your mind to help you or to hurt you.  

Whats one step will you take today to make sure that your mind is helping you?

With Love and Gratitude,

 Chelsea Newman 

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