4 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Willpower …

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Hows that New Years Resolution of yours going .... 😉
 I didn't ask that to piss you off and remind you that you mindlessly ate those left over Christmas candies, or that you totally forgot it was the new year and all ready went back to your old ways.As a Hawaiian dietitian I asked because I care, and I want to encourage you.So don't worry if your resolution isn't going quite as planned.  I have good news.The REAL new year starts on the 12th (the first full moon of the year) so you get a "round two".  And if you truly need it Chinese New Year is right around the corner.Not that you will need it.By the time you are done with this short article your willpower muscles and drive will be so strong that failing will no longer be an option.So how do you make sure that your resolutions finally stick this year?1) Organize!Organize your closet, organize your kitchen and organize your time.  NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, makes you fail quicker than not having the proper building blocks.Make sure you have tupplewear, and a blender, and your pantry is cleared out.
Make sure you have a list of 3-5 breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are ridiculously easy to make, low glycemic and nutrient dense.And, get rid of all of the clothes you hate.  Become a minimalist.  Get rid of everything that no longer serves you.  Make sure that every time you look in your closet, it isn't stressful.  As the great Marie Kondo says, “If it doesn't bring you Joy get rid of it”Getting organized will give you time, and time results and abundance of will power.Check out this book for some life changing inspiration. 2) Handle your morning. Don't let it handle you.
 The morning TRULY is the most important part of your day.  How you wake up sets the tone for everything, so get it right.  Drink water, get some exercise, meditate, and have a bit of "you" time.Think those suggestions are impossible?  Well then you really need to look at something you are doing wrong.  Your evening.3) Consciously Design your evening.
Want to know where willpower starts?  With sleep.  When you are tired you crave sugar and carbs.  I wont bore you with the scientific details but trust me it is true.Start hacking your sleep by creating a ritual.And use technology. Instal blue light blockers, set an alarm with your adult bed time, have an aromatherapy diffuser next to the bed...Really take a good hard look at your sleeping patters and see what needs to be changed.  It is the biggest investment you could possibly make in yourself, your health and your future.4) Harness the power of technology for good, not evil.
 Alarms, scheduling, reminders, re-occouring shopping lists, apps that list coupons and automatically send them to you when you are in the grocery store can all save you money, time and a massive headache.Resolutions fail when they become a challenge.  If something is challenging then turn it around.  Don’t keep thinking it will just get easier … actually make it easier.Want to know what apps and rituals I use?Check out the 29 Best Health Resolutions and Tools you can have this year!XxChelsea
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