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About Chelsea



I am Chelsea. Holistic Health, Personal Performance & Transformational Nutrition Coach.


I have helped hundreds of men and women learn to live more mindful, healthy, and happy lives through food and fitness and Holistic Mindfulness Coaching.


My Main Message: Everyone deserves to have amazing health, abundant energy, feel sexy & have an awesome libido ... all the time - and you can do it through food.


I don't prescribe to a one size fits all diet program ...


Collaborative Health means combining the best of eastern & western techniques + ancient & modern science into personalized programs & coaching plans that create true, sustainable and lasting transformations.

Let me show you how to live healthier.

Author Of ~


"The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new" ~ Socrates

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Chelsea really took the time to get to know me and understand my situation. She tailored
the program to adjust to my individual needs and was always there to support me
through the process with a huge smile and positivity. “Tori”

“This woman does and amazing job with such an awesome new fresh and clean
perspective on life through food. Easy to follow diet and personal approach to a better
life. Highly recommended from a happy customer. Finished up my 2 months with Chelsea
and learned so much got myself toned and feeling better then I have ever.” - Robert”
“She has integrity - she practices what she teaches. Her own health of mind, body and
spirit has been the greatest gift to me. Her ability to listen, assess and offer support to
my individual needs was the most amazing part of this collaboration. I felt seen and
non-judgmentally guided to where I needed to work on most to heal my relationship with
food, my body and to restore my ability to achieve wellness.” Lori
“I just finished 3 weeks of consultation with Chelsea and she is absolutely amazing!!!
Within the 3 sessions that I've had with her, I've learned more about vegetarian diet and
nutrition, and the correlation between food, mind, body and soul that I have been
researching for years. I am a vegetarian that started to rely on heavy carbs. I started to
feel unwell and knew my diet was lacking. She put me on a 10 day reset diet program
and I could not feel any better and lost a great deal of weight for my size. She taught me
a way of eating that is very sustainable and easily done on a busy lifestyle. She is non
judgmental and so easy to talk to.” Susan

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